Book a photo booth for your next event, and see what benefits develop.

Photo booths—in all their shapes and sizes—are becoming increasingly popular at events. And they may be providing more than fun and games. We explore three ways your event can benefit from a photo booth.

Keep Guests Mingling

Having a photo booth at your meeting will give attendees—who may not know one another—a point of commonality and a simple conversation starter. In addition, if attendees get pulled into a photo booth shoot with attendees they don’t know, that’s sure to get the networking ball rolling.

Take the Photo Booth Experience Online

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Attendees will want to share their goofy and fun photos will others—at the event and elsewhere.They’ll want to share the photos on their social networks—including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Pump Up the “Fun” Factor

Although there is more to a photo booth than entertainment value, the fun is definitely still a factor. The photo booth will keep guests busy and engaged—and hopefully, the novelty of the experience will have them talking long after they’ve left the event.