Look out Sevierville, there’s a new venue in town. Ours…to be exact. Rock the Party has opened its very own venue right in the heart of downtown Sevierville. The Venue is also the home office for Rock the Party. Are you looking for a venue that you can mold in to any look that you want? Then look no further. Rock the Party and The Venue customizes every event and party to fit your needs. The Venue is minimally decorated and streamlined so that you can customize the look you want. We can uplight the room in any color you like. Pipe and drape can take minimal to over the top elegant in a matter of hours. Whether your looking for something simple or dramatic, we can help you. We can assist you with all of your event and party needs. Need a DJ? No problem. Catering? No problem. Photographer? No problem. Visit our website at www.thevenue.live for more information. We are looking forward to helping you Rock the Party soon!