There are thousands and thousands of different types of flowers, and endless combinations of colors and arrangements. How do you decide which is perfect for your wedding? Take a look at our 10 tips to help you pick the perfect wedding flowers.

#1 – Spend Thoughtfully

Focus your flower budget on the parts of your wedding that will be in the spotlight: your bouquet, a signature element at the ceremony, such as a pergola, and reception centerpieces should top the list.

#2 – Visit your Florist

Don’t miss out on the blooms you didn’t even know existed. Go see what’s available by taking a walk through the biggest nursery or flower depot close to you. Ideally, go exactly one year before your wedding date so you’ll see what is in season at that time of the year.

#3 – Visit the local Hardware Store

Looking for color inspiration? Visit the paint aisle of your local hardware store. Pick up a few color cards that jump out at you and bring them to your floral meeting. You could also try visiting a fabric store.

#4 – What is Your Dress Saying?

Typically one of your first purchases, your dress can inspire the style of your entire wedding – especially your bouquet. If you chose a sleek, sheath dress, a simple bouquet arrangement will accent it well. While a loose bunch of flowers will look great with a romantic, lacy gown. One last thing to consider is your height. If you’re petite, ask for a smaller bouquet that won’t overwhelm your frame..

#5 – Complement Your Venue

Choose flowers that compliment the venue’s environment. Consider ceiling height, natural and artificial lighting, linens and other stationary elements. Enhancing the given space makes your event look that much more custom.

#6 – Keep the Season in Mind

Don’t fall in love with an arrangement before knowing if it’s available on your wedding date. Spring and summer have the biggest selection of flower types and colors. Peonies, cherry blossoms, ranunculus, lilacs and anemones are popular blooms that have limited peak seasons. Popular wedding flowers that are available year-round range from roses to calla lilies and hydrangeas to cymbidium orchids.

#7 – Give some Personality

Not sure which floral style is right for your wedding? Try taking a look through your closet. Who is your favorite designer? Or favorite artist? Kate Spade lovers would typically like monochromatic, but also bold and bright. If you’re a J. Crew shopper, a modernized look might work best. Also consider a photo inspiration board filled with things you love – a favorite dress, fabric swatches, magazine ads – anything you can add will help you and your florist determine your style and make choices about your wedding florals.

#8 – Think About Flower Alternatives

Nonbotanical decor can be unique and elegant. For a vintage inspired wedding, a pile of aged, meaningful books can make a great centerpiece or nautical enthused arrangements using rope or sea life could be the perfect touch to a waterfront wedding.


#9 – Personalize

Adding your grandmother’s brooch or hanky to your bouquet or carrying the same flowers down the aisle that your mom did can give an extra personal touch to your special day.

#10 – Trust the Experts

Remember who the expert is when it comes to floral arrangements, your florist. They have experience from hundreds of weddings and know all the little secrets. Trust their instincts as well as your own.